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Welcome to the Great Metropolis .....So you want to save the Earth and its inhabitants?

Updated: May 28, 2022

I want to introduce readers and followers to the 4 Horsemen and how they came to be. The night of my epiphany, dream or out of body experience or however you choose to see this experience of mine, this was in no way my doing. I was fully asleep and yet when I experienced myself floating in space I somehow knew that I was asleep and yet floating in space at the same time. When I looked to my right and down about 15 degrees I could see Earth and the outlines of the west coast of America and as I grew more curious to see more I looked to the left of me and stared into the darkness until I noticed something in the distance. As I kept looking that way I felt myself being drawn towards it. The closer I got the more distinct the shape became until at such a point that I was floating in front of a giant shaped horseshoe structure. The structure was dark grey in color with a smooth looking surface. In the center top of the horseshoe I could see a faint greenish glow emitting from that area and as I looked at the sides of this giant horseshoe structure I could see four very large holes in each leg. I focused on the greenish glow until I found myself standing inside and positioned just behind what looked to be a control station with all sorts of weather monitors, maps of locations on earth, weather patterns and communication equipment. I saw seats for four personnel to sit at . I saw one person communicating with someone on earth ( IMO ) and as I watched a little longer I felt myself traveling down through the structure. I noticed areas for eating, sleeping and recreation. Further down in the structure I noticed very large silver colored enclosed storage containers with labels on them. Hoses were attached to them leading to huge rotor fans. As I continued my descent through the structure I once again found myself floating outside this structure. The next thing I knew I found myself traveling through time and yes there seemed to be some intelligent presence with me during this travel. I traveled into the year 2251 or approximately that year. I remember being a tremendous distance from Earth and as I started to travel back in time I could see the distance closing as the years disappeared. Before I knew it Earth was in sight and I remember saying that I wanted to see what had changed and what had become of Earth and the changes that had occurred. I remember being told to not get to close to the Earth because of what happened last time, still not sure what that meant, so as the flyby was happening I could see big changes had taken place. First I saw how clean and quiet the Earth was, I saw a lot of enclosed highways above ground, I noticed on the right side of me what looked like nuclear filling stations, I saw aqueducts enclosed to protect them from being polluted by dust and debris. One of the most remarkable sights I recall were large container structures stored along the coast lines where there were desalinization plants, and apparently these containers had at one time stored salt that had been removed from the seas due to the desalinization processes. ( More about this later ). As I continued to fly around the earth and observe the changes that had taken place one more thing stood out to me and that was I didn't see any human beings during this time. Really odd and later on I found out why and I'll share with you later the reason why. During this flyby I noticed that there were no deserts and no snow capped mountains nor any snow anywhere. I saw the seas were calm and the skies were pristine clear and it was as if this phenom was somehow controlled ( as I later found out ) it was!

During this journey from the future back to the present time what I experienced, was as real to me as anything I've experienced in life and that's why to this present day I can recall many moments of this dream/epiphany. Right before this dream ended I recall seeing people celebrating in fields of crops and watching them for a short time, I saw that they were celebrating the harvesting and planting of crops. I saw that they were happy and peaceful. I also found out that they also were celebrating the naming of the Horseshoe structures in the sky. There had been a contest to come up with the best suited name for those structures and being aptly named the '4 Horsemen' due to their structural shape and having given Earth the name 'Great Metropolis' it all fit together.

The very last segment of this dream/epiphany showed me a glorious shining city on a hill and having witnessed this beautiful sight I did not want to wake up from this vision but as hard as I tried to stay with this dream , it just wasn't meant to be!

After waking up in the morning and doing my morning preparation to go to the clinic where I worked I was still reliving what I saw in my mind. I tried sharing with others during the day but needing to take care of patients and do my job ,what I was sharing wasn't appreciated by the staff and patrons., however there was one young woman who was a college student at UCR that after hearing what I shared with her, she stated to me and I quote," If you don't write a book about this then I will", and with that encouragement I felt that I needed to explore this dream more.

I began my exploration to figure out what the Horseshoe structure was being used for and to figure how it was being used. The more obvious parts of the structure such as the control room where I had observed a staff member seated at a console where there was communication devices and maps recording weather patterns and live feed in from the earth's surface was easy to determine the meaning of that. The other areas of this structure were easy as well such as the sleeping quarters, the dinning area and the recreation area. The most interesting part of this structure to me was the enormous silver looking storage units with a label pasted on it. I observed large hoses attached to them which led to enormous sized fan blades which were located at openings in the legs coming down and there were four openings in each leg. In retrospect I determined that this structure was used two fold,1) used to disperse some type of O3 combinant into our atmosphere to scrub it clean and 2) moved later after cleaning the atmosphere up into the troposphere to start manipulating the air currents, slowly at first then finally taking control of the weather and directing the weather patterns where needed.

This phenom happened due to studies done on earth from recorded weather patterns and at the same time studies being done on the pollution stored in our atmosphere and determining what combinant would be best suited to use in the structure. In my research I did discover that Google has been sending vehicles around to cities to record areas of heavy pollution so I knew there was more to this dream that I had. I did research to see if there was a meaning of this dream involving a horseshoe or any history of something like this written about in our human history and I didn't find anything related specifically although I found interesting concepts about horseshoes and meanings attached to it.

For some reason I researched a secret program called DARPA and interestingly

enough I did find out that a program run in conjunction with the USAF was trying to create rain in Saudi Araba by launching missiles into the sky and dispersing chemicals to get the clouds to react and produce rain. Apparently they were somewhat successful but the program was shelved. I liken this effort to produce rain like throwing a pea into the ocean to try and create a wave. To my way of thinking why not face this head on by planting these machines into an area where they would do the greatest good , like in the atmosphere where they would have the greatest effect! Certainly better to control a situation than to try and fix one after it's totally out of control and I think we all can agree with this assessment! My research expanded to how and where these structures could be built and where. These super sized fan blades could be tested for wind efficiency. I found the country of Australia to be the most suitable to build and house the construction of these magnificent structures and I found the Swiss Alps the ideal place to test the wind efficiency of these turbine blades. While all the testing and studies were being done a world wide conglamerant gathered to discuss the possibility to declare a world wide peace initiative to address what and how to proceed with preparations to build hundreds of Desalination plants across the globe and map out where they should be placed. Another issue addressed was supplying enough qualified workers to complete the task. One of the remedies for workers was to offer the homeless population the opportunity to be involved at the construction sites and were offered shelter, food and medical ( doctors w/o boarders ) got on board and offered great assistance. Once work was completed at the construction sites the workers were offered the choice of packing up and moving to the next construction site or remaining at their location to make a life there. The construction sites consisted of onsite training ,much like (OJT) with the opportunity for completed college credits to go towards a college degree. Having said that to ask this question, Why is getting a college degree so painful and expensive? Perhaps a more reasonable and less painful experience would be to offer the opportunity to earn a degree with learning how to build the Great Metropolis and all free thinkers and positive mindsets are welcome! Jobs will be plentiful all across the globe and with accomplishing the restoration of our planet you'll be provided with the necessary living arrangements ,shelter, food,medical,stipends and etc.! The worksites would be laid out to accommodate all classes of people, families, singles and instructors. Any disagreements would be settled by squaring off inside a caged ring and the people involved would wear bubble wrapped outfits that will protect them from harm. One very important thing to mention here is that everyone would have an issued cell phone that would include language interpretation and unlimited talk and text to stay in touch with their loved ones. The camera function would be enabled to send photos that are taken while going about their daily routines and they would have the option to send any special photos to the Great Metropolis Media for evaluation and possibly be voted on to share with the rest of the world, this would become one of the favorite ways to share everyday life wherever you were.

Once the Desalination plants were completed and the Aqueducts were mapped out , they were then constructed with the sole purpose of supplying water to the arid regions of the globe. What was done with the salt that was removed from the oceans was to store the salt in very large containers so that also dealt with not putting the salt back into the oceans and destabilize the eco-systems. ( Salt I believe is a universal commodity ). With the deserts being supplied with much needed water the deserts started to flourish with vegetation and with this result the planting of crops and harvesting effectively addressed the food shortage around the world. This was a major step in the right direction to maintaining peace and prosperity and with a common goal people all across the world became more united.

The decision what to do with the weapons of war that were no longer needed were made. Since the metal and materials were already available it was decided that these materials would be used to construct the giant 4 Horsemen of the Great Metropolis and the central command center for the Great Metropolis headquarters.

I want to take a moment to comment on a few situations presently happening in our world today and these thoughts are mine alone. We are all born into this world exactly the same way and that's through a woman's womb. We are created in the image of the creator with our defined DNA attributes to make it through our life. We should be honoring the creator by creating and not by destroying. Since, at birth, we are all equal I believe the best and surest way to have equality for all is to have a birth to grave financial digital account. Once the individual dies the account ceases to exist so there's no passing it onto family members. This effectively removes the ultra and uber rich classes from our society and puts everyone on equal standing.

Is there a possibility that we were placed here as a testing environment and given a series of problems to solve and along the way we lost track of what we are here for? I believe if we get back on track and solve the problems we are facing and don't create more problems from the problems we've already created then we will prove to the Universe that we do belong and we are capable of overcoming any situations that may arise whether here or in another galaxy. I believe we should be a proactive world and not a reactive world and I'm a true believer that we need all the human beings as possible so when the Rapture, advanced human race comes here and offers to take as many human beings as want to go with them, that enough humans will be here to continue our species onto other worlds. That is my hope for all humanity! Four sections to this story are as follows, the Vision, the Messenger , the Event, and the Rapture!

I am looking into starting up a 4 Horsemen of the Great Metropolis foundation. All proceeds from book and merchandise sales will go to the foundation which will be used to fund putting together a esteemed team of experts to address the Global problems and how to fix them. Solutions will become the norm such as developing the 4 Horsemen weather stations and using them to scrub our Atmosphere clean and then using these same structures in our troposphere to actually manipulate our weather patterns and eventually take control of the weather ( dial up weather wherever needed ). Clean up crews on the ground to vacuum the pollutants from the earth's surface as our atmosphere is scrubbed clean of it's pollutants.

This is so much more than a dream/epiphany and what I'm sharing with the world is an actual roadmap of what to do to make this world pristine and complete!

Good morning world, I trust things are happening in the world just the way we all would like it to be. Today I am going to share with you some thoughts about the content in my book and perhaps you can share these thoughts with your other constituents . Everything I will discuss today will have positive and profound ramifications with a bright and lasting future for everyone!

I talk briefly on subjects such as restoring our deserts with water supplied from a desalination process and storing the excess salt for later usage, I briefly touched on the world being fully powered by nuclear energy and I touched on the Rapture and I will discuss my thoughts on what death is and perhaps how to slow down or even reverse death's certainly .

Just this past week I watched a series titled " Top Secret-UFO Projects Declassified" and I was certainly pleased with what I watched. My narrative of events unfolding line up pretty well with their content in the series. With that in mind, having seen their proof of weaponry and advanced capabilities to disable our weapons systems clearly shows their intentions are to continue our continued survival. In my book the 4 Horsemen of the Great Metropolis I clearly state that all military weaponry will be dismantled and used for constructive purposes. There will be no exclusions as clearly evidenced in the series.

The restoration of our deserts will help maintain our ecological balance needed for a healthy planet to survive and the Human population as a whole. This process is necessary also to address the diseases and virus strains. Cleaning up our Oceans and cleansing ( scrubbing ) our Atmosphere will be necessary for the Rapture. The visitations portrayed in the Netflix series are showing us signs of what we need to focus on and begin soon. Abduction reports and being examined ( begs me to ask if any women have been abducted ? ). If these abductions and examinations are to verify our diseased nature then it's all the more imperative that we immediately begin the clean up process for a healthy and disease free world. Certainly cannot transport diseased humans to other planets to repopulate them.

The Netflix series touches on DNA ( Designed Natural Abilities ) and states that all life forms in the Universe are tied together by this and I 100% agree! Death as some choose to believe is the final process in our evolutionary process. Do we still exist once we discard our human life form? My answer is absolutely yes and created matter exists forever! Death comes about I believe by the unraveling of our DNA structure and perhaps when we discover a process to slow down or even reverse this unraveling then we'll live longer and healthier lives. Are we intrinsically intertwined with the universe and could our own DNA be a roadmap back to our very beginnings? Does the Universe contain it's own DNA which ties us all together? My answer is 100% yes!

The educational systems in the world should be geared to address these aforementioned topics and the process needs to start soon. The situation when the Governments and Religious leaders affirm the existence of advanced life forms ( I believe they're human ) and the world accepts this as factual then I believe being united in a World Wide Restoration process which will unite us as one species for the common goal of peace and prosperity will soften the outrage of the people being mislead for so many centuries. That is my one big desire!

Update: Dated May 3rd. 2022, an article written on Telegraph titled " There'e a reason why aliens haven't visited Earth yet and I believe it further validates this vision/epiphaney I had. I believe the resources provided to us on this planet are meant to maintain and or extend our existence and not to be wasted on needless space travel.

As always I am available to be reached at my website at

Best regards to all,

Stephen E. Thress (seti)

PS...A new release titled " After the Rapture " is in the making and it will be a follow up on the book 4 Horsemen of the Great Metropolis...stay tuned dear readers and followers!

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