Born in 1951 in Columbus,Ohio and relocated to Zanesville,Ohio at the young age of 2. My favorite things to read growing up were comic books,mainly Superman,Spiderman and Fantastic 4. I loved collecting baseball cards and especially loved the gum that came with the packs. I attended Zanesville High School from 1966-1969. After graduation I enlisted into the Air Force,my ticket to see the world, and served a little more than 5 years ultimately ending up in So. Calif. where I reside to this day. I had this epiphany several years back and needed to commit to getting the message out the world anyway possible so this book is my first step and I have also tried reaching out to the President of the United States. This message is a true account of what I saw during my epiphany state and after putting the pieces of this puzzle together I now present it to the readers for their consideration.